Empty Vengeance

“Gaah.” Blaze buckled from the impact, clutching his ribs as hit the floor. “10 years Blaze. 10 years I’ve been hunting you down. 10 years you’ve run. No where to go now.”

Blaze winced in pain as he tried standing back up. “Tim, wait you don’t—.” “Shut up!” Tim leaped forward with a growl, his fist meeting Blaze’s jaw with a crack. His body surged with strength. “I was weak before, I couldn’t keep up, but now…” he wrapped his hand around Blaze’s neck, lifting him with little effort, Blaze’s legs hanging limp above the ground. “…..now I can fight.”

Tim let out a deep growl as he launched Blaze across the room. Blaze shot fire towards the wall, trying unsuccessfully to slow his momentum. His back hit first and he gave a silent shriek as the air was ripped from him. “They didn’t believe me. A scared boy desperately searching for some way to cope with his parent burning alive in their house. ‘Blaze is a hero’ they told me, ‘he could never do such a thing’.” Blaze wheezed, each breath stabbing mercilessly as he leaned against the wall.

“I wasn’t the one who—“ “I was there!” Tim roared at him. “She woke me up that night. She carried me into our shed. Told me to stay quiet. I didn’t actually wake till I felt the flames. I scrambled out the door, and what do I see? My home burning, and a man running away. You.” Tim’s face gnarled as he recalled he forced out the memory forming a tearful scowl. “By the time the fire department got there it was too late. My mom, my dad, nothing more than dust….. And it’s your fault!”

Tim’s fists clenched as he slowly moved closer. Blaze couldn’t speak, chest still void of air. Tim’s bloodlust was palpable, there was only one way to stop him. He slowly fumbled his hand up, letting out a faint grunt as pulled his mask free and let it fall. Tim stopped, eyes suspicious then slowly growing wide, a ghostly chill creeping on him. “No…..you can’t….” It was him. His eyes were heavier and his rough, dry skin was hidden behind a dirty stubble, but it was him.

“Dad….how are you…” Tim stumbled with confusion and disbelief and dropped slowly to his knees. “I saw you….it was you….why.” He looked down as his face began to flush with tears, watching them hit the cold floor. He clenched his fist and slammed it to the ground with a loud crack. “Why….” He slammed again, voice growing louder. “Why.” Again. “Why why why!” The whole room trembling with Tim’s rage, his voice echoing around him. For 10 years he filled his own head with thoughts of revenge. He wanted to hurt the man that left him broken. He was moments away from finally getting what he wanted, but how could he now. He felt empty.

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