Don’t Laugh

“Promise me you won’t laugh at me when I tell you what I did this morning?” Kenya spoke candidly to her best friend Brandy, whom she talked to on her cellphone every morning on her way to and from Martinsville Medical Center where Kenya worked as a Oncology nurse.

“Kenya, I promise. But i must be honest

with you girl, here recently, it’s hard to say what you may have, or may not have done.

As we both know you have

been in a constant state of transition.”

Brandy laughed. “And I’ve just realized

that I’ve noticed a change in you since your

no longer dating Justin.”

Kenya spoke hastily as she parked and exited

her vehicle. She then made her way from the employee parking lot, to the employee

elevator. “I hate to admit it but you’re

absolutely right. Brandy. It seems like every since my break up with Justin, which has been about three months now, I just do not have the patience for a bunch of chaos in my life. As you know Justin came with a bunch of challenges. Although he had some really good qualities and was an overall good guy.

But his flaws were things like … for example…

he was notoriously late.”

“And he seemed to be so into his Play Station

more so than into you, which you told me you became use too? “ Brandy interjected.

“ Am I right? Didn’t you tell me that?”

“ That’s right, but I should NOT have accepted that type of behavior. But, since we are no longer together…I made a promise to myself to Not tolerate any more craziness, disorganization and frequent disruption of my peace in my

life. “Kenya insisted as she preceded to

exit the elevator.

“Okay …Brandy, Girl I will holler at you later…I just made it upstairs to my unit, I have to

clock in, get report on my patients

and start my shift.”

“Hey hold up and wait a minute! Kenya you went on and on about a lot of stuff but you never

got to the part or told me what you did

this morning , that you asked me to promise not to laugh at you about” Brandy insisted.

Kenya gave a long sigh “Oh Yell that’s right…

So I know you’re going to think I’m out of my mind___but this morning I texted Justin’s best friend.”

“Are you Serious Kenya! You Texted Victor?” Brandy repeated.

“ Yes …and I asked him if he wanted to

meet up with me for coffee over at ‘The Coffee Shack’ after I get off work today or tomorrow and he said Yes!”

Brandy sat literally shaking her head.

“Kenya I know today is April fools,

so please say that you’re trying to pull

a April fools trick on me?”

“ No Brandy… it’s not a joke, I’m serious.”

Brandy rubbed her forehead. “Kenya I’m speechless, and quite confused. I’m sorry I know I promised not to laugh, but that’s all I can do right now.” Brandy laughed.

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