A Tale Of Dance And Darkness

To astral project is one thing, but to completely step into another universe; well that’s just make belief.

Lyra Jones has been having a hard time; suffering through nights of sleep paralysis and nightmares, she is sick of waking up shaken. However, on one fateful night her routine seems to.. flip. Instead of being paralyzed to her mattress by some eerie force, Lyra Jones is pulled from her body. As if tearing a sheet from a bed, her soul is peeled from within by the Man In The Top Hat.

The Man In The Top Hat is no new ‘demon’, as she likes to call him. His grin is imprinted on the back of her eyelids when she tries to sleep. However to say he’s entirely an evil entity is a misdemeanour.

The Man In The Top Hat brings Lyra across the floor of her room, in a dance like way, and when he stops she realizes her reality has crumbled and she is elsewhere: A town of otherworldly people, monsters, fae, and deceiving humans.

“Why did you bring me here?” Is a question that continues to arise throughout this horrendous story. Though The Man In The Top Hat isn’t able to answer in whole, his jokes are enough to make Lyra halt her questions.

Will Lyra Jones find her way home? What does this man in the top hat want from her? Is The Man truly as he seems? Well, this novel conceals these answers that you seek, so prepare yourself greatly and give it a read.

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