(Nixie’s pov)

I swam across the depths of the ocean as fish if every color swam around me. I stopped for a while feeling their living essence. The thrum of the ocean felt like music all around me.

“Nixie, it’s time for dinner!” Called my Mom from our house made of shell bricks and seaweed. I went inside our house. Breathing in the sweet smell of my Mom’s sweet loaf I looked around. Everything was just like I left it.

Our house was relatively small, but it was cozy enough for us to make it work. The sea pulp chairs took up half of the living room floor. They we’re placed so me and my Mom could watch the news on our small sand line together. I sat down in our dining room, well I say dining room it was really more like an eating corner. A small table attached to the wall hung over two chairs

“Nix sweet heart I have you know how I have been talking about moving for quite some time?” My Mom asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well I found a new house by the bay in the Pacific Ocean and I think we should go there. It has more space and there are more mermaids for you to make friends with.” She said.

I had gotten used to Mom saying that she wanted to move. I heard it so many times that I didn’t think it would bother me if she said that we would actually move away, after all she gave me years of notice, but boy was I wrong.

“What! Move!” I said.

“Nixie I thought you would be fine with it.” I could tell that she was surprised at my outburst. I couldn’t blame her I was too.

“Mom listen to me. I. Can. Not. Move.” I empathize the word, not.

“I think this will be a good opportunity for us Nixie. Think about the adventures we would have. The friends you would make.”

Mom knew that I had always been a loner ever since childhood. She always pushed me to make friends, but I never understood the point the more people you trust the more you get hurt, that’s what I always thought and she will not change my mind.

Like it or not, I was moving to the Pacific, and I was no where near ready for it.

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