My Fault

It’s my fault. He told me. Why didn’t I help?! My brother was always playing around with scary stuff trying to scare me because he’s 3 years older than me at 16. One day he came home and said a snake but him, I go check and he tied a fake snake to my leg. I have never understood why. My mom always tells me it’s his way of saying he loves me. It doesn’t feel like love. Now that I think about it, Mom also says he is like my dad. My brother always kept a straight face and could cry on cue. One day, he came in crying with the most serious and scared face on, swearing he was being followed. I chuckled and said “Not this time”, Slamming the door in his face. The next day he came home saying the same thing. I just thought it was another prank, I told on him. Remind you, this was 6 months ago. I was a complete snitch. “ughh! Mom!! Luke is pranking me again!!” As I ran down the stairs to see my mom cooking dinner, I believe it was Mac and cheese with potato salad. “Honey, you know it’s just his way of saying he loves you.” She said giving me that look. That look where you feel like you are about to explode and they are watching, yeah that one. “Yeah yeah yeah, his way of saying he loves me, but it’s ridiculous!!” Next, I got that look that says ‘go to your room this conversation is done’. So I got up from the bar stool and walked upstairs to my room. I heard my brother sobbing, and I rolled my eyes. When the next day, A Thursday, which is when the chess club starts. He loved chess. So, Me and mom knew he wouldn’t be coming home at normal time. When he didn’t come home at 3, we figured it was normal. Him and I didn’t have any classes together, We don’t even see each other in the hallways or lunchroom. We did get a little skeptical when it was 6pm and no sign of him, but me and my mom know nothing about chess club therefore, we didn’t know when he would get home. Then, my brother’s friend, who just so happens to be in the chess club, comes over thinking my brother is home. “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at school, with the chess club?” I asked. “What do you mean? The chess club is out, stupid.” He stated. My mom eavesdropped and butted in. “ What?! So, my son is missing?” He’s been missing ever since.

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