12 Hours

The tea kettle whistles in the air. You run over to go shut it off. It’s a hot summer day. The news reporter is saying it’s record breaking temperatures today. Sigh, another day of these ridiculously hot days but there’s nothing like a good glass of ice tea can fix. You pour the water into a pitcher and seep 6 bags of tea. The steam rises through the air as you hear dogs barking through the neighborhood. Maybe it’s a good idea to go take a quick shower while the tea brews, you think to yourself.

You’re in the shower when suddenly your phone goes off in a blaring fashion. You grip the shower curtain and reach for your phone when suddenly the power goes out in the house. What was once a bright blue bathroom is now nothing but darkness. Your wet fingers grip your phone and you ignore the message and turn your phones flashlight on. You swipe your screen back down and read the message “DANGER STAY INSIDE DO NOT OPEN THE DOORS. STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS.” You reread it again a second time when suddenly the power flickers back on and the door bell suddenly rings. You stand there frozen. What is going on? The door bell rings again. And again. And again. You decide to get out of the shower and change quickly. You then go towards the front door. You notice the loud neighborhood is now dead silent. At the door stood a tall 8 foot figure in all burgandy. Was this some kind of joke the neighborhood kids were playing? Your gut tells you to not open the door. After what seems like eternity the figure leaves. You then quickly turn around and shut all the blinds in the rest of the house. For hours you sit in silence. Your texts messages to the neighbors slowly send but they have the same questions. Who is the hooded figure? Who sent the message? Why is this a dangerous situation?

12 hours pass and a second message is sent out “ALL CLEAR RESUME NORMAL ACTIVITIES.” The neighborhood returns back to its loud usual self instantly. You decide to go to the neighbors house. You knock on the door and ask “what was all that about?” “What was what about?” Says the neighbor. “The emergency alert message. What was that about?” “What message I didn’t get a message?” “What? We were texting about it earlier. Look, this message.” You go to go show them the emergency message and suddenly the message is gone including your messages to the neighbors about the whole incident. The neighbor says “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Wait what were we talking about?” You ask. “I don’t know I think we were talking about the weather it’s recording breaking temperatures today.” “Oh yeah that’s right. Oh shoot I have tea brewing I have to leave.” And with that no one in the neighborhood could remember what happened those 12 hours on that one summer afternoon of record breaking temperatures.

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