Just me

Well the main character is just me. Just my story. To start she was a free and slightly feral child. School and adults and rules trained it out of her. Placed in AP classes in HS, but it never came to anything other than self judgement when I didn’t actually do great, nor enjoy those classes.

String of abusive encounters and a variation of sins committed. Now I’m nearing 40.

I have lines on my face from smiling so much. I have some extra weight due to the stresses of wearing the world on my shoulders and my heart on my sleeve; but also because I enjoy good food with good friends and paired with even sweeter wine. My hair is a rainbow of colors and cut short. I’m tall, taller than the average woman. I take up space wherever I’m at. I couldn’t “sneak” into a room, and trust me I try. For all my enigmatic charm I’m really introverted. Thanks to the trauma, haha. Don’t worry, that’s just my emotional support haha.

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