Forever Gone

It’s been over two days, and I’m still on the ground. Had I the strength to get up, I wouldn’t even know how.

Her smile was so precious, her laugh my favourite sound. But now that everything is gone, what is left to do now?

Her passing was sudden and so unexpected - the aftermath hit us all hard. But when I think of her gone, when I try to accept it, I feel my whole world fall apart.

She would’ve wanted me to live, to move on, to go forth - easier said than done. My entire reality I had once known as truth, is all clustered up now that she’s gone.

But as I stand over her grave, I remember our first day, when we met in the rain, before the grief and the pain.

I fear I cared way too much, but I loved to make her laugh. There’s no feeling as such, to lose your other half.

Now she is up there above. But life can’t be paused and you have no control over what is the cause or how painfully cruel death hits you or someone you love.

I’ll never forget her smile, the way she’d stay so strong. I admire the time we’ve spent together, even if it wasn’t long.

Her eyes glimmer with hope in the back of my mind. Even if she’s forever lost, she forever changed my life.

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