Cheers Dude

"So what's the problem?!" Vin shouted.

God, I hated this place. I had to strain my hearing over the loud hip-hop music that blared over the speakers. I had to shout at the top of my lungs for Vin to hear what I was saying. Irish Bar my ass, this place was a total dump.

"There's this guy outside who went to my High School, him and his twin brother. The thing is I can't remember which twin it is, we've been talking for like thirty minutes and I feel like an asshole." I shouted.

Vin slouched over and his eyes shot open as a grin consumed the bottom half of his face. "Bro!! You found us, twins?! That's fucking gnarly my dude!"

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him towards the exit to the patio, where the per-said twin was sitting.

"No." I snapped. "There's this guy I went to High School with, we've been catching up outside. The thing is is that he's a twin, and I can't remember if his name's Erick or Ryan Morris."

A wave of disappointment smacked Vin in the face harder than the music to his ears. ", what do you need me for?"

"I mean, it's just for a minute. You go over, shake his hand, and..."

"And you think he'll reveal his name when I introduce myself. Gotcha." Replied Vin with a nod as he took a sip from his mug.

I could see Morris through the crowd, still sitting at the corner table, a fresh cigarette between his fingers, exhaling smoke as he stared out into the parking lot. We pushed through the crowd, lifting our beers above our heads to avoid the conglomerate of drunks. A group of guys stalking their next prey stood off to my right, a couple grinding against one another to my left. I got bumped around viciously despite being careful, by the time I got to the table I had Modello running down my forearm.

"This is my co-worker," I said, giving a point in Vin's direction.

"Hey what's up man, I’m Vin," Vin replied. "Had to get out of there, you know? Too loud."

Morris nodded his head and laughed, he straightened in his seat and reached out to shake Vin's hand. "Oh, that’s cool bro. The more the merrier. I can't stand the shit these kids listen to nowadays."

"Hell yeah brother. Cheers to that!" Vin said as he raised his glass. We all clinked glasses and took a drink.

Morris set his glass down. "So, how long have you been working with James?"

Vin's eyes narrowed as he toggled the question in his head. "I'd say...six months? Something like that? Give or take? He's my team lead."

Morris's eyes widened and a smirk unfolded across his cheeks. "Team Lead?? What the hell James you didn't tell me that."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Ehhh, it doesn't mean much."

"Naw man that's huge. That means you're making the big bucks."

I shook my head and laughed. "You wish. Electronics Emporium doesn't pay shit."

"How's James as a team lead, Vin? He good?" Morris asked with a smirk.

I laughed through force of habit, whatever Vin had answered went in one ear and out the other. I was too busy trying to figure out this guy's name. I'd had classes with both Erick and Ryan Morris throughout my years of High School. I'd had one in Spanish during our Sophomore year and the other for World History during our Junior year. They were twins, but they had subtle differences, thinking back I think a big difference was their weight. It wasn't anything drastic, but enough to tell them apart. But the last time I'd seen them was about ten years ago, and one would obviously change in size within that decade (I sure as hell did).

"You remember Ms. Sandoval?" Morris asked, tapping my forearm, pulling me out of my dilemma.

I nodded. "Yeah, I do. She was..."

"Bro she was like, the hottest teacher there," Morris said with a chuckle. "I remember hearing about her throughout all of Freshmen year and praying that I'd get her for Spanish."

I remembered Ms. Sandoval too, skin like caramel, jet black hair with the perfect amount of bounce to it, and a body that...

“You remember that one guy…” He began to snap his fingers as if to jog his memory. “He had those thick ass glasses. The ones that made his eyes look really big.”

“Dewey. Yeah. Dwight Robins.” I said.

Morris laughed and shook his head. “Look at you James, busting out his name. Dude do you remember that time he had to give a speech but since he didn’t know all the words he did half of it in Spanish and half of it in English? It was hilarious. I felt so bad for the guy but I couldn't help but laugh.”

I laughed and shook my head, I remembered that and Dewey. It was one of those memories you had stashed away, one you never thought you’d revisit, about an individual you forgot about as soon as graduation passed. I remembered him in near-perfect detail. Those big glasses, his portly stomach, and that combover that always looked haphazardly done.

“Shit. I wonder what happened to that guy,” Morris said as he got to his feet. “I’m going to reload.”

His eyes scanned over our beers, I knew what was coming next and I was thankful that my beer was near full. I couldn't accept booze from someone whose name I'd forgotten, and I hoped Vin possessed the same values.

“You gentlemen care for a reload?” His eyes went to Vin’s empty glass. “You look like you could use a refill.

Vin hesitated, letting out a nervous chuckle. "Shit man. Get me whatever you get."

Morris's eyes narrowed. "Alright, man. I hope you're ready for the bar's strongest IPA."

I watched as Morris got submerged by the crowd before disappearing into the bar. When he was out of my vantage point I punched Vin in the shoulder.

“Ouch! Dude, what the hell?” Vin snapped, massaging what I could only hope was a new bruise.

“Bro you don’t even know his name.”

Vin held his hands up in defeat. “Alright. I’m going to level with you. When we shook hands I thought he told me his name and then I forgot if he did or not. Did he even say his name?”

I rolled my eyes. “You gotta be kidding me. You had one job.”

“Dude. I’m bad with names. And then I thought of asking, but I felt stupid.”

I scoffed, my eyes widening with frustration. “So you accept a beer from him!??!”

“Dude he offered! I felt bad not accepting. I-I-I'm sorry man...I'm kinda buzzed."

Morris came back with three frosty mugs of dark pale ale in his hands, awkwardly navigating through the sea of people. He got to the table without spilling a drop, setting the mugs down with a mighty exhale.

“Holy shit it’s popping in there. I got you one too James. Figured you’d need a reload sooner than later.”

The consciousness of feeling like a complete ass pierced me with every stinger. He raised his glass and I raised mine.

“Dude. This is great. It’s been an honor catching up with you James.” There was a genuine smile behind his statement.

I let out a sigh, and smiled back. “Cheers Dude.”

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