Lost Alien

I found an Alien. You will never guess, where I found this creature. It has always been said that the most dangerous place is the safest place. Who would have thought that an alien would be found in the Police Building. I am at awe at how an alien could be so smart. I went to the police office to report a case of missing phone. After writing down my statement, I walked up to the female police officer in my front, asking her the location of the restroom. She directed me to the restroom. After peeing, I felt this was a good opportunity to take a dump. I didn't want to be stressed out by my stomach later in the day. I notice a green glow light reflected on the floor of my toilet seat. It was strange, I got up to open the door and saw a green slimy face with no eyeball, That scared the shit out of me, I opened my mouth to scream, and my mouth was covered by the slimy green fingers that looked out of shape. I felt a chill down my spine. The only thing on my mind at that moment was to escape. Please don't scream, I heard an odd voice, it wasn't like the human voice, It felt like out of the world, It reminded me of the ancients. “ Please don't scream, I lost my way and found myself here. To prove what he was saying was through, He opened his left hand and a Screen popped up showing How his airship landed on earth like a meteorite. Strange, I felt the slimy hands to leave some sticky residue on my face, I didn't feel anything. He had a nice smell that reminded me of nature, like the smell of morning dew.

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