The Negotiation

Karl knocked on Professor Jackson’s office door. This was the first time the first year student had gone to visit the professor for some guidance. Karl was just about to knock on the professor’s door again when it startled him by opening and out emerged a student, someone who appeared similar in age as Karl.

“Kathryn, please have a good think of what we discussed. It really is up to you to make this happen or not.”

Karl furrowed his brows in question. The situation he walked into appeared to be easily interpreted in so many ways, he was intrigued but at the same time wanted to respect the student and the professor’s privacy.

The student named Kathryn noticed the presence of Karl as she left the professor’s office and gave him a piercing stare.

Karl stammered whilst blushing;

“Hey.. are you okay?”

“Yeah… I.. I just went to see the professor because I did so poorly in my last assessment..”

“Um.. okay…”

Karl let out a mischievous grin.

“So.. y’know what, I flunked so badly, I decided to negotiate with the professor, right?”

Kathryn looked up. She replied suspiciously.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, really.”

“And.. were you successful in your.. negotiation?”

Karl grinned again.

“Well.. I’m still here am I not?”

Kathryn rolled her eyes.

“That doesn’t particularly mean anything…!”

“Okay, okay, so, I actually did tell the professor that I’d do anything to get a pass mark.”

Kathryn’s eyes shot open in surprise.

“You actually said that?”

“Yeah. I figured I had nothing to lose.”

“Hmm. So then what happened?”

“Well.. he did say there was one thing I could do to make the situation better.”



“Well what was it ?”

Karl lowered his voice and answered in a hiss;

“…He just told me to go study…”

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