Why Me?

“Sebastian! I need your help come quickly.” Sky yelled from the other room

Sebastian put down his bagel and darted into the other room “what’s wrong-Oh no, Anna please put the gun down.”

“I want to be like daddy.” Seven year old Anna stated

“Yes,dear but can you use your Nerf rifle A.J got you for Christmas?.” Skye said kindly as he held is hand out

“Y’all left Maggie’s place without pie so- What is goin on here?” A.J said as he walked down the hallway

“Uncle A.J!.” Annabel said as she dropped the rifle and ran to hug A.J

“Wait weres her other half.” A.J started to say but then Zepher ran into the room with a thing in his hand

“Bombs away!.” Zeph yelled as he threw it to the ground

“Zepher!.” Skye said

“Wait waits with all this smoke?.” eight year old Zephyr said

Just then the smoke alarm went off

“Sebastian open the window.” Skye said as he felt his way to Zephyr

“You guys want me to get a book on parenting? Or maybe a book of not leaving your gear within child reach.” A.J said as he grab a dish towel and started fanning the smoke

“I keep my gear off the ground- and you didn’t move your gear did you?.” Skye asked Sebastian

“At least he didn’t find a tear gas bomb.” Sebastian said jokingly

(10 minutes later)

“Let’s not get another visit from the fire department.” Skye said tiredly as he tucked Anna into bed

“Yea and I’ll put my stuff in the storage.” Sebastian said as he and Skye walked out of the bedrooms

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