Claim To The Throne

“Your crown is made of the people’s bones and hunger,” I sneer, staring straight into the eyes of the haughty man.

“Stop this at once!” he demands, his voice filled with authority. Yet his eyes filled with fear give him away.

“And that throne your sitting on? It hardly belongs to you,” I spit out voicing the anger of many.

“How dare you?” The king says, a hand gripped onto the side of his throne, as if making sure it was still there.

A chuckle sounds from the younger man standing in front of the king. “How dare I? How completely laughable. The people agree with me. And have you forgotten? I have as much claim to this throne as you do. Isn’t that right father?”

“Y-You are merely an illegitimate child. You have no right to call me that. You have no right to claim this throne!” the king roars in anger.

“Oh, but who’s going to stop me? I’ve made it this far already,” the younger man said, his lips curling into a smile.

“G-Guards!” the king yells, looking around in a frenzy.

“I would suggest you draw your sword lest you die a death of no honor. Well it doesn’t really matter does it? You’re going to die either way,” the younger man said as he strode forward with his hand on the hilt of his sword and a dangerous smile on his face.

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