FoxHeart Princesses

Book one: The “Misbleief” begins

This series is about how two Kitsunes make a secret plan together without anyone knowing about it. Will anyone find out?

Truth: Carnation and Flamesun makes a plan together only to be together

Lie/Misbelief: Carnation is found by Adriel and Serafina but she thinks that they stole her from her parents


Chapter one: The first Mysterious disappearance

Flash back moment: Long time ago, there was a handsome young kitsune” called Flamesun. He was best friends with two girls called Carnation and Catchfly. Flamesun was in love with Carnation but her mother didn’t approve of him, so he went away and never came back.

One day though, Carnation somehow found the place he was and was happy to see him again. “I can’t believe that you found me, Carnation “ Flamesun said as he hugged Carnation. “I don’t know why my mother doesn’t like you but my father does “ Carnation told Flamesun.”I’m not sure either but I might have a -loan if you’re willing to go along with it” Flamesun said. “What is it?” Carnation asked. “Well…how about if I put a misblief spell on you after I make you disappear and thank your parents friends stole you?” Flamesun suggested. “Ohh. I actually like that plan and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone not even my mother about it” Carnation promised. “Good. You should head back to your village for I know how your mother is” Flamesun told Carnation. “Okay. I’ll act as if I got lost walking around” Carnation said as she walked out of the secret place. “You should have a mysterious name for this place, Flamesun “ Carnation called back. “How about Dark Wood Grove?” Flamesun called back. “Awesome name”Carnation replied.

“Adriel, it’s Carnation!” Serafina called to her husband as she saw Carnation walking around in front of the house, as if she was lost. Adriel looked out the window and also saw Carnation. “It looks like she’s lost. Let me go out and see what’s wrong” Adriel said as he opened the door and walked outside to where Carnation was.

“Carnation, are you okay?” Adriel asked when he caught up to her. “Who are you?” Carnation asked when she looked at Adriel in confusion. “It’s Adriel, your father’s best friend and that’s my wife, Serafina. We met when you were just a little girl” Adriel replied. Carnation looked over at the house and saw Serafina waving at her. “NO. ITS NOT TRUE. YOU GUYS STOLE ME FROM MY PARENTS!” yelled Carnation as she ran off.

“That was a very good act you put on there, Carnation “ Flameshadow said as he came walking out of the Dark forest to greet his love. “Thank you so much, Flameshadow” Carnation replied. “Now, go back and act like you were just scared and afraid and need protection and tell them to call you Charlotte “ Flameshadow told Carnation. “Yes of course” Carnation replied as she walked away from him and went back to Adriel and Serafina.

“I’m sorry about that. I was just very scared and afraid, that’s why I ran off and blamed you for stealing me. I just need your protection, if you’re willing to do it?” Carnation said as she walked back to where Adriel was still standing. “That’s okay. I know your name is Carnation, but is there another name you want to go by?” Adriel asked as he walked up to the house with Carnation. “I’ve always liked the name Charlotte” Carnation answered. “Okay, Charlotte is your new name” Adriel agreed as they walked into the house together.

“Welcome, Charlotte to our world. This house is actually an art academy. Your bedroom is just right across from the Ballet studio, if you want to go see it” Serafina said as she welcomed Carna…Charlotte into her home. “Thank you so much for letting me in and staying here” Charlotte said as she looked around before she walked over to where her bedroom was.

Once she was inside her bedroom’s. Charlotte got her star ball out and contacted Flameshadow. “Good , they took your misbelief… I mean lie. And I know that you don’t like lying but our plan is working. Get some rest tonight Carnation… I mean Charlotte, and then tomorrow you start blaming them for stealing you away from your parents” Flameshadow told her.

The next day….

“Good morning, Charlotte , how did you sleep last night?’ Serafina asked as Charlotte walked into the kitchen to have breakfast.

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