“It’s beautiful isn’t it! My husband ask’s me and I grin at him. He laces his strong fingers through mine and I instantly feel secure. The sand flows freely through our feet as we trudge up the never ending slope. Waves slowly rifle through, signalling the day’s nearby end.

“Hey, have you ever wanted to try sailing?” My husband asks me, smiling.

“I didn’t know you could sail,” I reply, nudging him playfully in the side.

“We could always learn,” he says and I nod eagerly at him.

I can just imagine it. John caressing my hair as I struggle to pull the mast up. Him laughing and helping me. His strong hands around mine, always, always making me feel secure and loved. Watching the sunset as it gleams down on a young, carefree couple.

Then I picture going adrift. Falling into a hurricane. Having to ration food, unsure about when we will get our next meal. Losing my beloved husband. The one I cherish above all. The only one I have ever had eyes for.

“Maybe let’s try sailing next year,” I say laughing nervously and he ruffles my hair.

“It’s okay, don’t be scared, I will always be there by your side,” he whispers and he spins me around.

His lips touch mine in a soft kiss and instantly, my surroundings melt into a soft, hazel glaze.

We continue to stroll up the beach, hands entwined, when John notices something.

“Hey, look over there do you see something?” He asks me and points his finger to a destination in the distance.

“Yeah, well it looks like a lump,” I murmur, lurching over.

We run over to the strange object peaking up above the blanket of water. Our feet pound against the sand, struggling to get a good grip but finally, we reach it.

“It’s a bottle,” I say in realisation and go to pick it up.

“No, don’t, I’ll pick it up. I don’t want you to get pricked from the broken glass,” he says and I smile. John always wanted what’s best for me, even if it put him in dangers way.

“Look there’s a letter in the bottle, open it up!”

John’s hands fumble as they lurch to screw open the tightly sealed bottle. Suddenly, it pops open and a note rolls out.

“Read it out loud,” I murmur and John nods.

“Dear reader,

You have found this note in a sport of danger. A lot of danger. I’m adrift. I have no food left, my mast is broken and my radio is not connecting to any stations. Worst of all, I lost my husband. He was my love, I have no one left. Please send help. I don’t know what my altitude is, I just know I’m south of the Broken Island. If no officials agree to help save me, if they say “there’s no use, she’ll be dead by the time we reach her”, you must come. You must come and save me. Please.”

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