An old civilisation

I ran across the sandy place of the distant planet. I rummage across to find some old ruins dating back to many years ago. There was a metallic door in front of me so I creeped inside only to find a place of desolation. There were sands here and there. Statues of people turned to stone and an old letter beneath my feet. I pick up the letter up:

Niyaiani - Lost land.

I had traveled here for some time but had regretted my choice. If you're reading this, then you must of already found the secrets of this place. I hoped that no one could find it for it haunted me for so long. Ninety thousand years ago, a cataclysm took place. It destroyed nearly everything including this place. People fought back beings of wonderful power. Blood was split, children seperated from their parents and dark secrets were created. This place should be hidden and not seen. It will chase you so destroy this. For every word that escapes your lips, someone will die.

After reading this letter, I ran as fast as I could and I never looked back.

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