Hole, Quarantine, & Death

The year is 3027, sometime in October. The exact date is unknown since the whole world’s population has gone from being above ground, to being so far underground they are not even remotely far from the core of the planet. This issue is the least problematic one. The core isn’t really their worries. The humans worries are only about their safety of getting *around* their new “world”. The man made tunnels for the humans are not very, safe. Or wide, very long though. Along with being the most hottest area(s) to be in. Crawling through the tunnels is a great risk. Kids are not allowed to travel outside of their “home town”. Simply because they’d be playing in the tunnels, eventually overheating. Dying of a heat stroke. Or they’ll get stuck. Stuck in the heated tunnels. No food, no water. The tunnels have this ability, they figured that out losing three team members of the “New Goverment”. Once you’re lost, it becomes a repeated occurrence if you are able to continue, a endless cycle of the same place you got stuck. Get stuck, and the tunnel grips you. Grips you hard, oxygen seeps out of you, and they beam the most toxic chemicals in the air. “They” as in the holes. They call them “air holes”. The air holes are what’s causing the above ground air to become unlivable. Crazy right? Down under it’s beneficial, unless made non-beneficial. It actually helps them not have to eat! Yet, you get hungrier when you get stuck. Causing you and whoever else with you to die out.

Why is this?

They’re on a hunt for the answer right now.

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