Jon had been overseas for many years. After receiving news of his father passing he decided to come back home and take care of the ranch. Knowing his father died of violence, Jon makes a vow to never kill another man. He chooses to have a peaceful life. A simple life. The life his mother would’ve wanted him to have. She passed years ago. A fever took her.

Jon was alone in his new 50 acre home. He grew up working on this property, but years away from home have made him rusty. He’s going to need help maintaining his ranch.

He heads into town to find a few ranch hands to help. He rides to the town saloon. He figures he can find a few out of work ranch hands who’d agree to work for him. Jon hitches his mount and walks into the saloon. He immediately takes a seat at the bar. Jon could use a drink.

Jon calls over the bar maid. “Jonathon Nolan? Is that you?” says the bar maid. It’s not uNeil she speaks that Jon realizes that this is Crystal Bracey, Jon’s first and only lover. “Crystal?” He responds. “I was sorry to hear about your dad. He was a good man.” says Crystal. “Thank you.” Jon replies, looking down at his hands, ashamed.

Jon promised Crystal that he’d marry her years ago, before he left for the war. He intended to marry her, but got cold feet. When the war started, he joined the army and never came back home. He tried to forget about Crystal but still kept a picture of her in his wallet. She’s the only girl he’s ever loved.

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