The Mansion

The old mansion loomed in the darkness, its windows boarded up and its doors creaking ominously in the wind. It had been abandoned for years, but stories of its dark past still circulated among the townspeople.

One night, a group of friends decided to explore the mansion. They entered cautiously, their flashlights illuminating the dusty rooms and creaky staircases. As they climbed the stairs, they heard strange noises coming from the upper floor.

Suddenly, one of the friends screamed and pointed at a figure standing at the top of the stairs. It was a woman in a tattered white dress, her hair wild and tangled. Her face was twisted in a grotesque expression, and her eyes glowed with an otherworldly light.

The friends tried to run, but the doors had mysteriously locked behind them. They were trapped in the mansion with the ghostly woman. As they stumbled through the dark corridors, they felt cold fingers brush against their skin and heard whispers in their ears.

In one room, they found an old diary that revealed the mansion's dark history. It had been owned by a wealthy family who had imprisoned their daughter in the attic, where she had died of starvation and neglect. Her ghost now haunted the mansion, seeking revenge on those who dared to enter.

As the friends tried to escape, they were confronted by the ghostly woman once again. She floated towards them, her eyes burning with an unearthly fire. In terror, they realized that they were trapped in the mansion forever, doomed to become the ghostly woman's next victims.

The mansion remained abandoned, its windows still boarded up and its doors locked tight. But on dark nights, the ghostly woman could still be seen wandering its halls, seeking revenge on any who dared to enter.