You Are Not Ready For The Truth (continuation Of Golden Circus)

‘Why did you open it…?’

‘Why not…’


He had open the box of delights. The box that had the answers to my eternal bliss. This treasure had been hidden from the public eye because all it caused was war after war.

Whatever the user desires, it became a reality. Imagine wielding such tremendous power.

‘Let everyone be sent to the PAST!’ He bellowed.

My eyes widened in terror, all of our bodies were enveloped by a bright light. There was a 10 minutes countdown on our bodies


He began laughing and a satisfied smirk polished his lips.

‘I’ll show you OuR past by cursing your future!!! You are not ready for the truth!!!’ He cackled.

I sat in daze, desperately thinking what to do. But suddenly a violent thought struck me

*** (30 seconds)

She punched right in the jaw and she grabbed the box of delight, that had tumbled out of his hands.

But she was too late,

Once the box of delights is activated, it cannot be stopped

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