You Should Have Told Me

“Honey…” said his mom, trying to soothe him, hands raised in a peace gesture. The guilt was readable on her face. In her eyes.

But how could she do anything anymore? She had betrayed him. They both had. And for what? Because they didn’t think he could bear to know the truth? Because they didn’t think him man enough to endure that reality?

How could they imagine this reversal would go well in the end?

Henri gasped in horror as he realised the truth. “You never intended for me to find out. Did you?” He knew his tone might be too accusatory but at that point he didn’t care. He was mad at them.

“Well…” started his dad. “We knew how you would react to the news so…”

“And you didn’t think I could choose to want to know?” That was the wrong question and his mom pointed it out.

“You can’t choose to learn something you know nothing about.”

“She is right. We just wanted…”

“You wanted to run my life?” He yelled. “Is that it?”

“Of course not!” They exclaimed together.

“Then what? To protect me? I am fifteen. I deserve the truth. I am almost an adult and you still treat me as a child. Why?”

“You are still young and we thought …”

He was fuming now and his fists were trembling. If he wasn’t careful…

“Calm down, please. Honey…” His mom tried again to soothe him. She was afraid now. Slightly backing up.

“Your mother is right. Breathe. Calm yourself down.”

“I can’t calm down.” He said, realising suddenly the truth of it. “I … don’t know how. And if you had warned me, I could have learned as my powers came along rather than having to rush into things.”

“We honestly thought the power genre has skipped you.” His dad was sincere. Sad even.

“Well, now you’ve done it!” He couldn’t calm down. He was shaking. The room too. And soon, he would explode. And then? Well, who knew what could happen?

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