Empathy Is A Cup Full

We all need to balance our lives…

Hell becomes lesser,

Happiness becomes paler,

Sadness becomes bearable

And tolerance becomes patience.

Our outlets when it comes to coping with all the shit that life decides to throw at us are is our own.

Whether it be the printed pages, the pixelated characters in a video game or the notes of our beloved music.

We hold dear to that which helps us through.

I cannot begin to even imagine what people have gone through to get where the are now because that would be wrong… nor can I share my own pain or suffering because it is not equal, more or even lesser than any other.

We cope because we found an outlet to get us through the hardest of times, when hell came, we held and knew we could get through.

To everyone and everything that helped and supported all of us.

Thank you


Love you R

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