Ferris Wheel There

An ivy-covered Ferris Wheel,

On the broken carousel of Time.

Rabid dogs and uncovered bombs,

A warmongers paradigm,

All holy massacres on a brick-layer’s dime.

A tunnel of dust on a mountain of sand,

Gunpowder thick in the air.

The yelling and fighting and Father-uniting,

No desperation in their despair.

Immutable, adamantine doctrinaire.

Were we right? Or were you wrong?

Education or alibi?

Blame the women, and Christians, and Uncle Sam too,

Broken dreams can’t indemnify.

One more war to add, it’s a generous supply.

Bazaar to the west, Hindu Kush to the East,

All under theocratic oath.

Her love or her money? Her time or her skill?

You can sometimes have one but can never have both.

Perpetual, severe undergrowth.

Give me my freedom or stone me to death,

Hang me if liberty’s concealed.

Your Highway’s One, and done for us all,

Her people at least are annealed.

Riding on and on and so forth, on that broken-down Ferris Wheel.

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