Frosted Eyes

The bitter cold. The frosty air causing a chill to brush through my hair and down my spine. My eyes slowly fall open, the clear sky above me causing me to wince at the light.

I try to lift my hand. The action causing my nerves to sear, the cold numbness overwhelming my body. I glance around, wondering where I am. How this happened.

The memories flood back, the roars of the crowd, the soft touch of skin, the pain.



Excruciating. Numbing. Acute pain.

A hot tear runs down my cheek. How foolish I had been. To think the heart of another could want me. I feel my breath begin to slow, the breeze nipping at my eyes, causing the tears to frost. My body is completely numb.

I try to call, for anyone. My whole body is trying, begging. My brain vexing my muscles to move, twitch, even shiver at the frosted morning air.



The eyegengrau color beginning to cloud the vision over my frosted eyes.

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