I Still Love You

The love we shared was made of sugar

Sweet beyond measure

But it crumbled so easily.

I loved you through your hardest times

I wanted you when nobody else did

I still want you.

The sweetness of the memories we shared

The love you gave me when everybody else couldn’t care less if I lived or died

I’ll remember.

You have changed me

You have made me better

You saw me for me and loved what you saw

You told me I was brave when I shook in fear

You told me I was amazing when I wrote you poems

So it was worth loving and losing you

So I could learn to love myself.


The love we shared was like coffee

Strong as hell

But with such a bitter aftertaste.

You loved me through my hardest times

You wanted me when everybody else would have laughed with glee if I died

I want you too.

I want to take all of your pain away.

I’ll remember you on my deathbed

You changed me

You made me live better

You saw all of my pain and didn’t call me selfish

You told me I was the strongest person you knew

You told me I was perfect the way I was

But now that your gone all I want is to get you back.

Your memory will never be enough on its own

It’s not worth loving you if I can’t have you forever.

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