Never Again Until Tomorrow

Time kills all

It murders and steals

and yet we wait.

We sit still

fearing the dark

scaring of spiders

all while the noose hugs our neck.

So we wait in our light man made

and pretend the bad goes with it

But the bad is always there

It never ends

Never goes

Always stays

So why get upset

Why fear the dark as it hides what is already hidden why

The dark did not steal her

The dark did not take her away

It was the clock ticking secnds that did. The oone who controls itt all. I used to be strong but now I’m her. Now I’m dying.

Time has caught me but I know it’s coming.

She will bring me to her world but I care not.

As I fall alseep writing this I hope never to update again I will see her soon

Never again will hide tears

Never again will I cower before time

Never again will I be weak

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