“I feel like I am going mad” john whispered to the physchiatrist at the general hospital he had been brought in for evaluation after ripping apart his clothes and roaming on the streets. For the past two years John had lived a very miserable life, he couldn’t pay his bills and had been living in a squatter where the rain seeps through the roofs and disrupts his sleep, his sleep had been full with nightmares about how he has turned out to be a failure to his family, waking up in cold sweats every night and having to resume his work by 5am at the factory only to close at 10pm in the night, so when had reluctantly bought the lottery ticket on that faithful day and the numbers on his ticket were read out, he ran naked, the policeman walked in “How is he doing doctor?” “He is very frightened for his life this man’s life was plaguaed not only with a nightmarish life but with actual nightmares and when nightmares are all you’ve ever known dreams can be a truly frightful thing.”

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