Blood Vs Aliens

I can barely remember life before I was captured and enslaved. All I remember is that life on earth was far better than life on this space ship. I’m pretty sure that the aliens captured all the humans, but we are all kept in separate rooms so I’ve never interacted with any other humans more than a glance across the corridor. Thirty years I’ve been stuck on this ship… that’s also how long it took me to realise the aliens weakness.

It started when an alien was beating me after I messed up on one of my chores. They bear me so hard I started bleeding. My blood dripped on to the alien. Upon contact the alien let out a scream and dropped dead. Aliens are allergic to human blood.

That’s how I killed all the aliens with the help of some other humans. Killed them, took over the ship and brought us back to earth.

Let me tell you, the fresh air felt so good after so long stuck inside.

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