Clue Though

Summer heat shimmered in the air. Fraying tempers. Snapping last straws. Through the humid soup you walked. Purposeful strides grind down the sweeping gravel driveway. Fidgeting with your tie knot you tried to alleviate the suffocating grip.

At last the omnipresent and omnipotent severe stone face of the mansion came into view. Bland brick gave nothing away. Large staring windows judged and sneered. Huge marble columns seemed to shrug detached from the world. Medusa’s hair swung, swirled and encircled; poisonous to the touch, tainting innocence of everyone and everything.

Shivering you ascended the steps; rapping sharply on the door. Slowly swinging open it revealed a lavish entrance hall. Money draped over every surface, defusing into the air. You now had to feign like you had never been in this mansion before. Pausing to wipe the sweat from your brow, your mind took you back to the previous evening.

Heavy bass shook the building, strobe lights flashed, bodies swayed. Even in the vast gardens the the throb of the party could be felt. You meandered through your guests with a drink in hand. Leaning against the doorframe your eyes scanned the dance floor for your long term partner.

At last your eyes settled upon them. Sneaking through the crowd you wrap your arms around their waist, you murmured into their coffee coloured hair, “Hey my dear.” Quickly, your insecurities crept up when they pulled away rather than leaning into your embrace. All of your enthusiasm dissipated, it had been a stupid idea to host a party on a work night.

Stalking out of the ballroom you made your way to the vast kitchen. Copper pots hung decoratively on the walls. Slumping onto one of the wooden stools you rested your elbows onto the oak table. The joyful laughter and upbeat music suddenly became too much. Standing you sent the stool crashing to the floor. Swiftly crossing the dark flagstones you yanked the cord to signal the end of the evening. You didn’t care if people were irritated by the abrupt end. Bitterness coursed through your veins, burning your insides like acid.

At last the great front door banged shut. Peace. Head pressed against the cool wall, your sharp eyes detected the light pattering. A pattern you recognised all too well. “Are you angry with me?” Their small childish voice, one they used to weasel out of responsibilities.

Not bothering to turn, you muttered sourly, “Do I look like I’m happy? I know that you are cheating on me, bit hard to fool me after all I’m a detective.”

“Can I make it up to you?” Sickly sweet tones edging closer. That was the last straw.

Whirling around you paced furiously towards them, “No you can’t! I’ve dealt with your lies for years! It’s over!” Blinded by red fury you grabbed them around the throat. Hurling them backwards hearing the thump as their soft body hit the floor.

Fury blazing in your eyes, you clutched the smooth handle of the filleting knife you drove it into their back. Drawing your lips back exposing shiny pearl wedges. Their scream sung in your ears. Sticky rivulets sliding easily off the smooth surface. Dropping the blade it clattered to the floor. Ignoring the pain in their frightened sea-blue orbs, you bodily lifted them on the tabletop.

Grabbing a mallet and pins, you pushed them onto their back. Yanking out their pristine arm you drove home the nail. Each reverberating thwack, bones crunched and primal screams repeated endlessly. Soon they were spread out limbs firmly attached to the stout surface. Crimson stars burst around each rusty nail. Contrasting with the ghostly complexion.

Deliberately, you dragged the sharp knife across their throat, as they thrashed around in desperation. Their air gurgled and rasped before petering out. Thick viscous rivers burst from the edges, extravagantly decorating the elegant neck with priceless red jewels. Still the fury had not been satiated.

Callously, emotionlessly and tenderly you unzipped the skin like a coat. Exposing the glistening innards; a miracle. The intoxicating scent of blood filled your nose…

“Detective?” A cautious voice pulled you back into the present moment, “Do you wish to see the crime scene?” Silently you nodded, it wasn’t like you hadn’t seen it before.

Keeping an innocent pretence you followed the constable. As you entered the brightly lit kitchen, you raised your fist to your mouth. Seemingly shocked at the demonic sight. Glancing around taking a mental image of scene, your attention was caught by a single wristwatch.

You had misplaced yours the evening before… That could be the single clue that would undo everything. The clue that could pull the loose edge of your carefully woven story; leaving you exposed revealing your true name.

George Hide; the worlds most wanted serial killer.

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