A Keen Urge

Finally,after few weeks of chitchatting,and lot of FaceTime,I am heading toward my date.Well,taking about my date,he seems a cool guy.Been with a lot of men before,not as a relationship but on a date, but somehow I have always found differences whenever,I am on a date with them in real life and online.I wonder how this one will go.I pretty much have feelings for him rather than any other guy around.Considering,how he has been with me online,but let’s not get that deep.He told me we are meeting somewhere in nature and Now,I am heading toward it.I reach there and there he is.And,he is smiling holding a rope ? And,I see around it’s a place for rock climbers.I get that uneasy feeling of moving forward.I reach to me



“Why are we here?” That is my question,rather fear is present than excitement.

“Well,our first meet, and let’s go on a adventurous journey.”

He seems concerned about my reaction.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,I am fine.”

Something on me tells I should give me, and hide my fear for heights.

“Let’s go for it.”

I said to him.

We start with the all the safety measure and equipment and, here I am,standing with shaking leg,pulse rate is 120 per minute, and a fear.

I try not to go to the end deep canal of rock valley in front of me.

He seems more excited to go into those deep , horror valley , which might kill me in any second.

“Bear it now,that’s what you want.”

Well,I have to do this.

I say it to myself and go for it.

Those hills and small river down the bottom makes me the urge to puke but,I keep myself constant with the thoughts of fighting fear.

And,finally,We are done.

“And, that’s how,I fought my fear.”, I tell my kids to bed.

“Is daddy superhero?”

Yup, he is the one I am married to now.

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