Eye For Oppurtunity

Selina Kyle was a woman of many talents. How else would a girl survive the rough streets of Gotham? She was extremely intellectual, a master martial artist, a very good thief, and contender for prettiest woman on this side of the hemisphere. She would have to tip her hat to Diana and Pamela for being the strong competition they were.

But her strongest asset was her eye for opportunity. And she needed that as she wasn't just any random crook in Gotham. Yes she was still a thief but Selina had taste. Maybe when she was younger stealing TV sets was fun bun now her taste required something a little more... expensive. Diamonds, rubies, large sums of money, Selina didn't discriminate.

So when Harley came over, spewing a nonsensical plan about robbing Cobblepot, Selina could honestly say she wasn't interested until the little pigtailed blonde said a certain number.

“You said he has how much?” Selina stared at her as if she had grown a second head or been breathing in too much Joker toxin. “ Harley I will beat the crazy out you if you're lying.”

”It's true, I swear!” Harley shouted indignantly. “He's moving at least 2 million dollars through Gotham tonight! Something about buying that one building next to Ace chemicals.”

Selina stared at her for a moment, deciding if she was telling or not the truth. Harley's eyes were wide, but she wasn't lying. Selina could tell. So she had the crazy woman sit down and begin walking her through her even crazier plan.

And that is how she ended up scaling the ceiling in the Iceberg Lounge, taking out as many guards as quickly and quickly as she could. It was pretty standard heist to be fair. A three key card system and a dozen half-wit guards stood between her and two million dollars. It would've been harder if they handed it to her.

Once she made it to the the office area she easily broke the giant safe and collected the two sizable duffle bags off the ground. Money. She broke into a huge grin as she walked out the office, a triumphant swagger stride.

What awaited her outside was something she was not quite prepared for.

At the security desk, a small screen showed a ragged Batman engaged in a fight with Bane. Selina could see the holes in his cape and the cuts along his armor as he went back and forth with the hulking figure. And Bruce was tired. After years of playing cat and bat on the rooftops of Gotham, Selina had grown accustomed to noticing small gestures the man used when he was beat. And Bane catching the him by cape and sending him flying certainly couldn't be helping with that.

But that wasn't her problem. Sure the hunky bat had come to her rescue a few times but that was his job right? He was Gotham's protector. She wasn't.

Selina you can just leave him. Her very grey moral compass had finally reared its head and for a moment she mulled it over. Just when she almost put her bags down, the weight if them tugged on her sense of opportunity. This was her chance! This was two million in cold cash in her hands right now.

Brucey would just have to understand.

Now, where was Harley and their getaway car?

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