Haunted Date Night

A visit to a the local haunted house, what could be a better date night?

The car jumped and jostled through the dirt road, as the dilapidated black house watched them from the between the trees.

“Josh are you sure this is the place? It looks seconds away from falling.” Amy sighed as she unbuckled. Her light hair was already frizzy from the humid air.

“C’mon Amy have I ever steered you wrong?”

“The time we got locked in that abandoned prison wasn’t exactly pleasant.”

“Please that was nothing!”

“I distinctly remember you banging on the doors screaming.” She chuckled. Josh rolled his eyes as she pulled open the creaking door. It was so rusted over that the hinges began to crack as she forced it open.

“Ladies first.” She bowed with flourish.

“Oh shut up.”

The inside of the house was barren, and full of an out of place chill. The few frames on the walls were cracked or tilted. The floor leading to the stairs was covered in a gaping crack.

The teens looked at each over and grinned. “Ghosts.” They smiled.

For awhile they spent time taking photos giggling and goofing off.

Then their was someone sitting at the table. Josh held out his hand stopping Amy as they watched the melted man turn to stare at them with hollow eyes.

The air in the house seemed to leave and turn to ice.

“GET OUT!” It flew at them, clawed hands outstretched.

“Agh!!” They ran from the house not watching as they scraped and bruised themselves on furniture along the way, the monster inches away from them.

They threw themselves out of the house as a roar followed them and as they jumped into their car Amy remembered something.


“W-what?” He panted as he flew the car out of their.

“How did he die?”

“Oh ummm couple of teens robbed his house and..Gave him a heart attack…Oh.”

“Yeah oh!”

“I didn’t think about that..”

“You don’t think about anything!”

“Yeah yeah love you too.”

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