Journal of Badal, the ascended

June 21, 2022

After my 100th birthday I have officially lost hope. Maybe I got my power at so young an age that it isn't even noticeable. Maybe I just don't get one. It's not fair, I don't want to be special, I want to have powers like everyone else. All of my friends got their powers at a good age, an age that gives the power strength while also giving them a lifetime to use it. Even if I got my power now, I'd only have a couple years to use it. I think Jol must hate me. I don't know why a divine being would single me out to punish, I don't understand how I'm different from any other mortal. I guess I do sound pretty childish for a 100 year old, maybe that's why. I shouldn't presume to understand a god, his reasoning is on a level my tiny human brain cannot comprehend. I always maintained hope that I would get some awesome power, something that would be worth the wait, but powers only come on birthdays, and I don't think I can survive until my next one. My grandchildren joke that I'll get to be a superhero for a day, like some kind of make-a-wish kid that actually got his insane wish granted. If I really were able to make any wish, I'd wish to get a power at 30, just like everyone else.

-Badal Covarrubias

July 22, 2022

Jenny, my granddaughter with the power to see a week into the future, called me today. She said something big is going to happen to me on the 29th. She says she can't tell what and it scares her. I suspect I'll die in a tragic accident, or Jol will take pity on me and erase my sorry being from existence. Either one is fine by me, I'm tired of being an outcast.

July 28, 2022

Tomorrow is the big day, I'm hoping It's option two, that way no one has to remember the sorry excuse for a human I really was. If all goes well, I will not be writing tomorrow, so I want whichever of my posterity who acquires this journal to know that Esther has always been my favorite grandchild.

July 29, 2022

All did not go well, nothing has happened to me at all, I am writing this at 6:07 PM, so there is still time, Jenny is still worried about me, so I've getting special treatment from her. I won't complain about that. But I am disappointed that Jol hasn't ended me yet. Maybe I got my power already and it's just the ability to live longer than all of my peers. Some power that is. I wish Jol would just eradicate me right now, I wish I was normal, I wish-

August 2, 2022

I just got out of the weirdest conversation of my life. The fact that it took 90 hours isn't even the weirdest part. The weirdest part was probably the stern talking to I got from god. The short of it is, I got powers. I'm not sure how to feel, I've always wanted powers. I wanted to fit in, but now that I have them, I will never fit in with mortals ever again. This will be the last entry I will make in this journal, just so everyone knows, Esther's next.

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