I freeze staring down at my arm. Wires poking out of the fresh cut, electricity crackling between the ones that were cut. I tried to move my hand but it was stuck in place, somehow I severed the wires that let me move my hand. What am I, and why do I have wires beneath my skin. Am I one of the androids that people talk about all the time? The human like robots that scientists have forced to live among humans an intergrate to their way of life. I mean both of my parents are scientists, and I don’t have many real memories before my teenage years. All I remember before then is being in a car crash and hitting my head, so I just assumed the crash caused my memory loss. Maybe that wasn’t actually the case, maybe I was created to help them cope with the child they lost. They have pictures hung around of what is supposed to be me, but it always looked slightly off. Now it all makes sense, none of those were me. I was created to help them grieve and cope with the loss of their daughter. But now what do I do with this information, do I tell them or do I pretend that I know nothing and continue on like normal?

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