“Sandy Bradshaw flight 93”

When Sandy Bradshaw,

left Oak Hills,

She vowed never to return

On September 11,2001

On United Airline flight 93

Had been hijacked

Sandy called for assistance

She stayed very calm

Sandy knew she would not return

To be home with family

Several people had been killed

Plane had turned around

Not knowing where they might be

Realize they were headed

Toward the White House

Several tenants on the plane

Had come up with a plan

Four hijackers on the plane

One was short and said,

He had a bomb

One was in the back of plane

Two were in the cock pit

Sandy boiled water

Filling several pitchers

Preparing to attack I know

She was a hero, along with

Several other people

Sandy,did her part in taking

Back the plane

She made several calls

Told her husband that she

Loved him and her children

During the attack the plane

Took a nose dive plunging

To the ground Sandy, and her crew

Never made it home

We know she and everyone died

That day as a hero fighting for

Our country

Protecting the White House

Sandy, was a lovely woman

In many many ways

On this particular day

Sandy,knew she would

Not be coming home.

She went down with the plane

We know she died a hero

May God Bless the hero’s

On September 11, 2001

We know that they were brave.

Thank you ! Sandy,

You’ll always be our hero

Written By:

Freddie Lopez


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