Good Night, Sweet Dreams & God Bless You

I grew up hearing this nightly at my time to retire. “Good night, sweet dreams and God bless you. “

There was never a night when I didn’t recite it back to my parents. Today, I too say this to my children at bedtime.

I became a nurse to help those who needed and wanted help. While I was a nurse, I suddenly became a patient. Cancer reared it’s ugly head and the battle was on with me. Breast Cancer was my fight.

If I was put in this earth to do one thing and one thing only it was to help one of patients with their personal battle with this malignant disease and his spiritual battle with God. I will never forget him. All the days of my life.

He was admitted in the month of May. He was a French, South African military veteran. He was now a tall, Caucasian with a Crew cut of short white fine hair. Particular and set in his ways. All of his particulars to be followed. His first night I tucked him in and said, “Good night, sweet dreams and God bless you”.

Fast forward seven years. Seven years of being his nurse, seven years of my nightly wish for him. After my diagnosis, he received one of his own. Lung cancer with a 6 month, with or without treatment prognosis.

While I fought my own battle, he was fighting his. My Double mastectomy, reconstructive surgeries, a year of chemotherapy, port infection, and three blood transfusions. Through it all I still was blessed to be able to continue to work. God’s plan!

After his diagnosis anger was all he had. One night I said my nightly blessing to him, and he replied, “How can you believe in someone who sacrificed his only son??!!!” I replied that is the example of God’s ultimate live for us! He sacrificed his only son for the forgiveness of our sins.

While I was physically and mentally battling my cancer, my spiritual battle I also fought. During these moments, you have No one else to turn to but God. My faith became unwavering, strong and steadfast.

I continued to say my nightly blessing to my patients as they laid to sleep. “Good night, sweet dreams and God bless you!” The man had more and more questions, and many discussions we had about God. I would always tell him, “God will welcome you into his kingdom when you are ready?”

I then started reciting the Lord’s Prayer with him nightly right before I said my nightly blessing to him as I left the room for the evening. He then one day started calling my personal phone when I was not on duty and would recite the Lord’s Prayer on my voicemail in French. What a joyous occasion as I listened.

He was coming around, but still he was unsure. I continued on with him on this path for two more years. Two more years he was blessed with, when he was told he had 6 months.

You see, God only gives us what he knows we can handle. And looking back on that journey in life, you would only see one set of footprints. God carried me through. An inspiration to those I cared for. Arriving to work every day rocking my scarves, hats, wigs or bald. Fraile and fragile.

One weekend, while not at work I had a feeling that I needed to go see my dear friend. Not only a friend but rather my family for 9 years. As I arrived, the other nurses greeted me and said we are so glad you are here. He is not doing well. We think he has been waiting for you!

I walked into the room, and as soon as I entered he greeted me oh so sweet. Hello Lessssleee. He was staring up at the ceiling above his bed in the right corner of the room. I asked him, “What are you looking at”? He simply replied, “You have been right all along. I see him up there, and he is telling me that I am welcome in his kingdom when I am ready!” I quietly said to him, “Yes sir, you have the long good fight and you can go whenever you are ready. It will all be ok!” He then grabbed for my hand, held it tight, and took his last breath.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. Not of sadness, but of pure joy regarding the miracle that I had just witnessed. I was so grateful and blessed to have helped him find peace during his last moments. My life at that moment had true meaning.

Was this the moment that I was created for? This was God’s plan for me. I walked with him as a disciple of Christ and would tell all who listened all about him and his/our Father.

It is now 9 years later. I have been in remission for 9 years. I thank God every day for the second chance he has given me. For my life to continue. Every day I am truly blessed and I sign the cross on my forehead every morning when I wake.

God truly works miracles right before your eyes. If you are able to see and recognize them for what they truly are, then you are wiser than most. My God, my Father is amazing all the time.

When I completed my chemotherapy, I had a Cross with a ribbon around it with, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” written inside the ribbon tattooed on the forearm of my right arm. It was and still is my daily motto and reminder of my fight! I am a survivor, a warrior and a true Believer. Every day I can look down at this tattoo and know, that everything including this body of mine will too pass. However, I know who is waiting for me when my time comes!

“Good night, sweet dreams and God bless you all!”

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