The Bookstore

The old bookstore had always been my escape, but today it felt different, almost magical.

The little bell chimes as i open the door to step in out of the cold. Although it was dark and stormy outside the bookstore was lit by a nice calm light. It felt like a warm summer’s day.

It gave me this feeling of hope, that everything was going to be okay, that i was safe from danger.

I sat on a window seat and opened a book. The book felt more real that usual, like i was right there with the characters, having grand adventures and knowing that we would always succeed.

The bookstore gave me comfort and i sat on that seat all day reading. When closing time came and the owner came and told me to leave i lost that sense of hope. I didnt want to leave the bookstore, i couldnt go back to my reality, not yet.

But, alas, i had to leave but dont worry bookstore i will be back, i will always be back.

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