Chef LaDurro El Charpudo

I hum as I walk into my kitchen in the back, ready to prepare a feast for all senses. I am the Chef LaDurro El Charpudo, world renowned baker and cook. I have my own hologram show. I teach brilliant young chefs to cook prefection. I have millions of fans. I have the biggest one man resturaunt in the world.

Well, two person. I share it with my daughter Amelia.

I wave to her as I step into the kitchen. She smiles her big smile, hugging me with all her 6 year old self. Then she opens the doors and people come pouring in. They make a line and smile at her as she points them to booths. Then she scrambles back to the kitchen and turns on our orderbot, who goes to retrieve orders from people.

First up is a couple with the daily special. I go into overdrive— french toast, bacon, flambéed eggs and tomatoes on top. I snatch the eggs from the chickens, grab the bread and bacon from the storage, and pluck the tomato from the plan. I smell in the juicy tomato, gently move the crispy french toast onto the plate, hear the bacon sizzle as i lift it beside the toast, and see the perfect egg as i flip it, smiling.

Meanwhile, the orderbot is back. Amelia, who is a very skilled chef herself, takes the order, careful of the allergies. I trust her, for she is a good chef, and almost as fast as me. Almost.

Quick as can be, i snatch up a orange from the tree, zest it and make my special sauce. It has honey, vanilla extract, and orange zest all melted together in a saucepan. The orange, I cut into slices and put on the plate before drizzling the delicious sauce on top, careful not to get it on the egg (i have discovered that they do not mix well). Then i do it all again, slip the plates onto the severbot shelves, and off it goes. Then the orderbot comes back and gives another order.

When the first breakfast rush is done, I settle back in a chair. A bit slower, now that I have a little time, I begin premaking some dishes. The storage area will keep them just the same temperture and crispness. When they are ordered, they will be the exact same as when i first made them, so therefore, still perfect.

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