Combat Boots

Not something to be so passionate

People say

Why do you love the thought of killing people

Others inquire

“Your the baby of the family you have a big heart and you wear it on your sleeve

I can’t see you getting behind and killing someone.” -my mom

Let’s the story straight

I chose to pick up a gun an fight

Not for the pleasure in death

I chose to support the men and women in camo and combat boots

I have a passion for people

Who stand shoulder to shoulder

One goal in mind, trained to fight

Trained to protect Trained to be loyal

I have a passion for strategic movements

One set plan.

I chose to serve

I chose to be a soldier

I chose to protect what’s mine as a soldier

To protect the country, and it’s people

I chose to be loyal

Though iv broken down

Iv chosen this path

A soldier will never quit

A soldier will always put the mission first

A soldier will never leave a fallen comrade

A soldier will never miss

A soldier always follows orders

A soldier is always loyal

A soldier is a person who’s brave enough to keep death at bay so the country can play

A soldier is a person who is a human but chooses to become a mindless beast when threatened

I chose a soldier’s life

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