The Upset Hero

The man people called hero loved everyone and everything . He had one fault though , he loved donuts . He would always run and climb highest heights and fight anyone who hurt the innocent but the donuts weren’t going easy on him so he’d wake up every morning and would go to the coffee shop. He always got the black coffee with nothing added and only one pack of sugar . He knew he couldn’t pass up a donut so ever morning day after day , donut after donut, he would gain weight , nothing was wrong with that until a bad man walked into the coffee shop one morning right before the hero and ordered all the donuts . The hero walked in and noticed the bad man with them all being packed into bags and his bubbled popped . He went crazy over that , that he couldn’t have a donut before saving the city and grabbed them all and ran with it , the bad guy pulled out his gun and shot “boom boom boom “ the hero was saved by the donuts and went straight towards the guy and suffocated him with them all , the cops show up and the hero told him it’s just another’s day at work and ate a donut from the floor and walked away without even helping clean the extra donuts .

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