The Woman In Blue 

She looked absolutely ravishing.

Hidden away in a darkened alcove, brown eyes watched intently as the woman in blue danced and weaved her way through the chaos of the ballroom. it was a formal event, for some charity. or another thats name he couldn’t remember. after all, he wasn’t there for the event anyways. in fact, he wasn’t actually meant to be there at all.

Or rather, he himself, didn’t actually have an invite.

However, Alexander Carson, did.

He should really make a point of remembering to set that poor man free later.

But business first.

He shifted his position.

Sipped his drink.

She really was pretty, and judging by the astonished looks shot her away by both men and women, he wasn’t the only one to think that.

It truly was a pity That he had been hired to kill her.

Moreover, That he was looking forward to it.

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