The scene was glorious. To the ordinary person, all they would see was the whiteness. The frigidness. To them, it would be empty. Like an empty house with white walls and no heater. Only coolness. Empty, white, and freezing.

I see the colors. Each and every shade as it bounces off of the snow as if it was a trampoline. Simply reflecting.

The freezing wind rushes across my face, adding a crimson tint to my nose and cheeks. It whips around my hair as the sun rays give it golden streaks.

There are pastel colors reflecting in the snow. Pale colors, but oh, so beautiful.

Baby blues and light pinks. Muted yellows and pastel greens. The snow was a giant blanket of Opals, each and every inch with it’s own distinct colors and patterns. Every speck of ice with it’s own tint. It’s own shade. It’s own hue.

Christmas snow is wonderful. Beautiful. Wonderful. Unique.


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