Daydream’s Assistant

“Sadie, any day now,” Daydream’s voice filtered through Sadie’s intercom.

“I know, I know. Give me a minute,” Sadie’s fingers flew over her keyboard, typing in the code she’s done a million times before. She glanced up at the television screen on her left, sucking in a breath at Daydream’s position on the roofs. She was dangling precariously over the edge, pedestrians below gasping and pointing up at the dangling superhero. It was all over the news. The roof of the building was bubbling with acid from the Brewer, a villain who’s specialty is poison. Sadie didn’t find that very creative at all. Grumbling under her breath over the amount of times she’s had to help Daydream defeat a big bad with poison as their weapon of choice, Sadie clicked a button that had a door opening to her left and the glider whirring to life.

“My grip is slipping, Sades,” Daydream warned, but her voice showed no sign of fear.

“It’ll be there in 30 seconds.” Sadie’s full attention was now fixed on the news screen, the camera zooming in on the superhero from a helicopter.

“Let go on my mark,” Sadie said. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” Daydream replied without hesitation. It was how they worked. Trust and friendship were key and it was damn good they had both.

“3. 2. 1,” Sadie counted down and watched as Daydream followed her order. She let go of the railing bar, causing someone to scream in the crowd. Her cape billowed up as she plummeted towards the ground. Just in time. The glider had reached her just in time and it caught Daydream’s fall towards sure death. The crowd erupted into cheers and Daydream threw a grin down towards all her supporters, balancing on the glider as it flew her towards the roof. Sadie had assisted her in getting out of that predicament. She was sure there would be more. Now it was Daydream’s job to catch the Brewer and bring him to justice. Sadie was certain she would be needed again along the way. She didn’t mind though. No, she liked being out of the spotlight while she helped Daydream fight crime.

“Go get him, Daydream,” Sadie whispered, as she watched the news screen focus on Daydream’s fight against the Brewer. “Go get him.”

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