Messed Up

A loud crash of thunder struck causing our dog to whine. This was the first night my sister was on her mission in Alaska. You see, For generations and generations, My family has been a part of a secret organisation. Havoc. People call us everything like spies, agents, the government, operatives. Except, We are the good guys. Havoc works to save the world. I’ve always dreamed to be a part of Havoc, but I have a prosthetic leg and my mom thinks it’s to dangerous for me. I have a sister and a younger brother. My brother, Kyle, is an agent-in-training. However, Maddy, is a highly trained agent and is on her 2nd mission. My sister is only a few years older than me, as she’s 17 and i’m 15. When you are in training, you are normally between 10-13. My brother’s 11. When you are on a mission, nobody knows anything about you. Alias, Undercover, Off the grid, Basically disappearing. I’ll sure miss Maddy. If your cover gets blown you have to disappear for 2 years. When she was my age, her cover was blown, so she had to go deep undercover. If you can’t tell, I’m a blabber-mouth. My bestie is too, And I tell her everything.. So obviously I told her about Havoc. And obviously she told the gossip girl about it. Suddenly our whole class new, Then it was our whole grade, Then the whole school. Eventually, It was on the tri-state news! I realised I messed up.. I messed up so bad my sister had to be brought home. I was so happy I forgot about what I had done. It came flooding back when the first thing she said to me was “I can’t believe you told them my secret…now I have to disappear, again!”. It felt like she would never forgive me. If she didn’t have one successful mission by the time she was 18, she couldn’t be a part of havoc. I felt so bad. It got so bad, Even my mom wouldn’t talk to me. I just wish I could start this whole life over.

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