The Delusion Cell

The cell walls move back and forth then they twist again as the indescribable yelling hits my eardrums my eyes feel hard to keep open the room once again move back-and-forth but suddenly a sensation like I’m sliding down starts happening,

I hold my breath not knowing where I was going the indescribable yelling, the velocity of how far I was going and, and imagery that felt my eyeballs melt made me lose consciousness once again.

I wake up back in the same dungeon the same bars all over again it was the fifth day since I refuse to cooperate in having that evil wizard conquer my kingdom.

The whole room was anti-magic resistant however that only mattered if it came from myself however fairies were immune to these enchantments as they are not attached to only the mortal realm.

The wizard Anthony had tested his drug on me again. The feeling in my head and body was dull but my heart was resolute soon as soon as effects were wearing off I crawled over to where the jailer was, he happened to be sleeping on the job again I supposed watching over a drugged princess was not too exciting the 5th time.

“Perfect” I said.

I had had commanded my faeries fly over and take the keys from him and gave him the dream image of me submissive to his charms in a place only in his dreams that would happen.

Unlocked the door and planned my escape.

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