Ms. Boring And The Menace

“Morning, darling.” She heard a voice echo across the room. Part of her was sure that the voice was familiar, in a strangely infuriating way. “Any ideas for breakfast? I have another present for you afterwards, don’t worry.”

She blinked, her eyebrows furrowing as she adjusted to the light. This place seemed a lot less like a comfortable cave and a little more like a lair.

“What the-“ her breath caught in her throat as she looked up. God, this was the last thing she wanted. “When are you gonna stop doing this?”

“What?” She grinned as she passed a tennis ball between her hands. Once again, a showoff. “I got a whole stadium for us. And a pretty good grill I promise I did not steal.”

“Jesus christ, I just wanted to fill out paperwork this weekend. Maybe plan next year’s break.” She sighed. “You know, you’re the reason I cant have nice things.”

“I know.” That annoying giggle filled the air. “That’s why you like me, right? I make your life a little less boring.”

“You make life hell. But, uh-“ She couldn’t believe she was saying this. “You did pay for that barbecue. Just don’t give me blackmail on the mayor as a present again.”


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