The realisation that she hadn’t gotten away with it happened when she saw the Scooby-Doo Mystery Van pull up to her drive.

Milo and Dean piled out the back, ripping away the Daphne and Velma masks. They lifted Token out the back, who was covered in blood and looked towards the sky, muttering prayers.

They brought him into the kitchen, laying him down on the tiles. He gasped and spluttered. Blood shot out over the surfaces.

“What the happened?” She said.

“What’d you think? Your fucking plan didn’t work.”

Dean dragged a kitchen towel down and held it to Token’s wound.

“He caught a stray.” Milo searched through the cupboards, grabbing a bottle of vodka and set the gas hob on.

“What’re you doing?”

“You think a doctor would take him? We need to seal the wound and get out of here. That van needs burned out too.”

She looked on at the entire scene, almost in a daze.

Her plan so perfect, every angle realised. Her confidence had been shown in her choice of the Mystery Van and matching masks. Imagine the headlines that would have generated.

And all it took was one stray fucking bullet to ruin it.

She drew and shot Dean through the head, who landed with a thump on Token. One more ended Token. Milo threw the bottle towards her, but he was dead before it hit the floor.

She’s have to do better next time.

She grabbed a can of gasoline from the garage, pouring the contents out from the van to the kitchen. She lit a cigarette on the hob and took a draw. Today was not the day to quit smoking.

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