Absolutely Not

The crisp winter breeze nips at my face, as Jennifer fastens the rope around her waist. “See this knot right here? This is how I slowly let out the rope” Jenny explains. All I can feel is my heart pounding against my chest, and the quick vibrations of my Apple Watch. I glance down “high heart rate” I see flash across the screen and think to myself, “gee, no shit Sherlock”.

“Okay, let me help you with your harness.” Jenny looks over at me, and pauses. “You’re not, scared, are you?” She openly teases me playfully, but what she doesn’t realize is this is no game for me. It took every ounce of courage to walk out of the elevator to the top of this 65 story building, and now she’s asking me to “whatever the hell-sel” down it? No thank you.”

To be continued

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