Ode To Coffee

In a mug or styrofoam cup,

In a glass as well,

In ceramic or stainless steel,

Don’t take too long to dwell.

Now pick your additions,

There’s so many that you know:

Sugar, cream,

Cold milk or steamed,

Mocha, syrup, sweet foam.

But did you know there’s more than that?

Wait until I’m done,

Ice cream, honey, butter, mint,

And for the leisure, rum.

Oh let’s not forget the roast! Would you like it strong or weak?

Do you prefer to drink it plain and bitter? I don’t, but that’s just me :)

So many ways to dress your coffee,

There is lots to try,

your favorite can change from day to day,

Or the same way is always just right.

There is much to tell about someone,

A definition of who they might be,

Some would say they could read others like a book,

By just the way they take their coffee.

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