I stare down at the edge of the cliff, watching as tiny rocks tumble down. A shudder ran down from my shoulders and trickled down my spine and my palms began to become slippery with sweat. I clenched and unclenched my fist, staring off into drop.

I sit down on the edge, dangling my feet. My heart races, pounding in my chest. It slams against the ribs that hold it in place, begging to be released from its cage and to run away from the cliff. I remain still.

I’m surprised that I still fear for my life at a time like this. I haven’t felt this concerned for myself in months. I guess now that I know it’s going to happen, I can’t help but feel a little worried that it got this far without anyone noticing or caring. Not that it would matter if they did, at least it wouldn’t matter to me. I would have found myself here at some point or another anyway.

I stare down at the rushing river hundreds of feet bellow me, flowing and flushing down anything in its path. Maybe it will sweep my dead body too. My eyes close and my mind swells with a headache. Is this really the end?

In the distance, I hear a twig snap, and I quickly whirl around to see who or what is approaching. My eyes widened at the familiar sight of a girl, dressed in cargo shorts and a baggy shirt, surly one of my own. She had leaves twisted into her brown curly hair and her crystal blue eyes were red with tears.

She stopped as soon as she noticed that she had caught my attention, her chest heaving as she rapidly drew in breaths. As soon as she could speak, she uttered one word: “Hudson..”

She continued to suck in more air, now staggering towards me with her remaining energy. She knew it was quick enough; she knew her voice could paralyze me. How could I leave her alone in this world?

I stood up as she approached, facing her when she reached me. I looked into her face and saw that it was twisted into an expression of concern and fear. Without a word, she rushed into my arms and held me tight, as if I could be blown away by a mere gust of wind. I ran my fingers through her hair, attempting to soothe her without any words before she began to speak again.

“You would leave me?” As the words followed one another, each sunk into my heart like daggers. I tried to hold her closer to me even though I knew it was not possible. I struggle to find the right words, but begin to stammer anyway. “Annie, you don’t understand- no, of course you do but- but- not in the way you think you do- it’s not what you’re thinking-“ I could no longer speak. My throat swelled and tears pooled in my eyes, and my sister only stared at me, heartbroken.

I never wanted to think of my sister dying. She deserves life, after all. She is everything good in the world. But then, I thought, if she is everything good, then everything is bad to her. Maybe she truly is too good for this world.

I look down at the cliff and my thoughts swirl as I contemplate my next move. Should I just run for it? No, she would surly follow, watching as I crashed against the rocks before dying herself. Even if she didn’t follow, she would have to live without her one true friend on this Earth. But if I didn’t jump, I would have to live on in my misery.

I pushed out every logical thought screaming at me to stop. I grab my sister’s hand and pull her towards the cliff edge with me. She nods slowly in my direction. Then we jump.

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